Best Packing Services in London for a Smooth and Stress-Free Move

Don’t worry if you have a large product to pack. Packing and unpacking service in London, Shahee Express Removal provides packing and unpacking materials and labor. Give your packing and unpacking tasks to us.

What Type of Packing Services Do You Need?

Packaging all your items when moving can be challenging because there are so many things to consider and accomplish. However, you may feel secure knowing your household items are in capable hands when you hire our professional packing service in London.

Because we treat your belongings with the same care that we do on our own, you can be sure that they are safe when using our service besides making sure that everything is moved.

Full Packing Services

The Shaheen Express Removals teams have almost many years of expertise. Therefore, they are competent and skilled in packing anything from massive objects to tiny trinkets. We will prepare your home or place of business with the utmost quickness and careful attention to detail. We expertly wrap and pack all your belongings, especially delicate ones, using full packing service and cartons. Contact us for your apartment packing service.

Partial Packing Services

Our house packing services will pack your desired item. To get a free quote, call us and explain which item you want to pack. Our team will pack that item on a room basis. For example, the few breakable things in your living room might be the only ones you need assistance with. It is not based on the quantity of boxes; instead, the price is based on hourly.

Unpacking Services

One of the most challenging aspects of any relocation, whether you’re moving across London or simply up the street, is unpacking your priceless belongings. Shaheen Express Removals provides unpacking services. We can gently unpack, unwrap, arrange, and place your items so that you can start enjoying your new home, regardless of how many boxes you have. We are reputed for our removal, packing and unpacking services London.


Packing & Unpacking for Home Moves

The packing and moving process may be stressful and chaotic, to put it mildly, especially when life becomes hectic. Without effective unpacking techniques and efficiency, items are frequently misplaced and improperly disposed of to correctly finish the task later. A well-planned move with professional assistance reduces stress levels throughout the entire process.

When you are ready to relocate your house, you will search for packing and removals near you. Shaheen Express provides complete house packing services.

  • We offer home packing services, which include furniture packing service as well as assembly and disassembly services.
  • We provide your personal belongings with packing and unpacking boxes.
  • We provide stress-out and experience packing and unpacking labor.

Packing & Unpacking for Office Moves

Packing your belongings into boxes or crates for transportation is one of the challenging activities of relocating offices. It might be difficult and time-consuming to figure out how to pack and unpack your stuff safely.

We want to reduce your worry throughout your move with our packing and moving services. Since packing can be difficult, we provide various services to meet your needs. Your belongings will be safeguarded during your relocation thanks to our team’s exceptional packing abilities, which can handle even the most delicate packages.

  • We offer large boxes for wrapping your equipment.
  • We also offer a freight packing service to reserve your goods.

Our team can handle your IT equipment, too.

Kenshan Edet
Kenshan Edet
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Shaheen Express removals limited, are really owesome...they are Diligent and trust worthy guys..
Tracey Hatch
Tracey Hatch
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Rare to find such genuine guys, I needed help very last minute and got lucky with Shaheen and his team. Going over & beyond, in what was a slightly stressful situation moving van load of furniture into new home. Highly recommended
Mohammed Ismail
Mohammed Ismail
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Shaheen Express Removals Limited Great services well done.
Murugadas Manikandan
Murugadas Manikandan
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All the things were handled with care. Amazing service & completely satisfied. Shaheen brother was very supportive throughout the relocation process.
Catherine Effiong
Catherine Effiong
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I am super impressed with Shaheen Express Removal service. They showed up on time, and worked quickly and efficiently, offered help and suggestions, reassured me at every point when I felt overwhelmed. I highly recommend them.
Glamleaf Admin
Glamleaf Admin
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Absolutely professional and very efficient, got the job done, delivered more than expected
Katie O'connor
Katie O'connor
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Friendly team. Would definitely recommend using for your move. They had a hard job 2nd floor to 2nd floor with no lift!!! Thank you 😊
Lyndsey Macleod
Lyndsey Macleod
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Excellent van service. The van drivers moved and delivered some items for us. They were extremely organised and helpful. Arrived on time. Would recommend this van service
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Great service. Highly recommend.

Why Choose Shaheen Express Removals for Pack and Unpack London service

A full removals with packing service

We Shaheen Express Removals, a complete moving company, offer packing, moving and unpacking services. Our packing services staff will provide your packing supplies and help you pack whenever it’s convenient for you before moving day. You’re not even required to be present. Your move manager can note any special instructions and ensure that everything is completed to your satisfaction.

Everything you require access to will be provided, including wine glasses, a kettle, bowls and spoons for breakfast in the morning, and so on.

The Skill of Packing and Unpacking

Packaging and unpacking are essential for moving. And knowing what to pack is important. Several tools, supplies, and methods exist for packing and unpacking different objects. It’s similar to an art form that requires training to perform correctly. Select our PACKING & UNPACKING SERVICES London services since we understand this expression.

Carefully Packaging

We handle your belongings as though they were our own. Additionally, they will be secure and protected during your move thanks to the superior packaging materials we use.

Packaging for fragile goods

For optimal protection, the skilled movers and packers employee will utilize additional wrapping materials when handling antiques or polished furniture moves. The team will shift, stow, and secure the load using specifically made equipment for paintings and other fragile things. This will guarantee that your belongings are safe while in transit.

Moving Made Easy

Our professionals are trained to provide efficient and high-quality service, ensuring that your projects are completed to your satisfaction. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to handle everything. 

Affordable High-Quality Packaging Materials to Protect your Valuables

Are you sure if the packaging supplies you’re using fit your budget? In the long run, you can save money by avoiding shipment damage and unhappy consumers with the aid of the proper protective packaging.  So call us, we provide you affordable high-quality packaging material to protect your valuables.

We provide the best quality packing boxes and wardrobe cartons, removal box, bubble wrap, fragile items, moving wardrobe box, knife, sofa cover, bed mattress etc. Full packing coverages you will get from us.

Our custom-made moving supplies and cartons are easy to use and designed to be efficient. We don’t provide a single standard moving box size, in contrast to other moving supply and box suppliers. We provide inexpensive packing supplies for student movers looking for lower costs, as well as pre-configured moving packs for your house or apartment relocation.

Benefits of hiring experts for packing and unpacking

When it is moving time in London, some people want to avoid packaging and unpacking systems. They are searching for a professional packing and unpacking service London. We Shaheen Express are expert packers and movers. Call us to know our service details. Let’s tour what are the benefits of hiring an expert packing and unpacking company.

Packing in efficiency way

If you have two whole months to organize and prepare your move, packing on your own will work just fine. Professional packers are undoubtedly faster than amateurs when it comes to packing, and they can pack your belongings with a level of efficiency and speed that will possibly surprise you.

Packaging supplies

Using high-quality packing supplies will help reduce the likelihood that your belongings will be harmed during the relocation. While you could search for packing boxes on your own before moving, you might not know what kind to seek for or might not locate the correct sizes, particularly for larger, bulkier items. A professional packer can provide you with the best quality packing materials.


A professional full-service moving company offers a wide range of moving services, such as packing, loading, unpacking, and even putting your furniture and appliances back together. A respectable business will have insurance and a license.

Keep your product safe

In order to protect your things, the moving team from a professional moving company is put through extensive training on safe packing practices and safety protocols.

Affordable packing price

A professional packer minimizes your packaging cost and provides the right equipment for packaging with a minimal cost.

Packing Tips to Make Moving Easier

Packing non-essential stuff from the top of your house and working your way down. Some packing Tips that can help you to pack as your own.

  • To ensure that a single person can carry large objects, always pack them in compact boxes.
  • Pack each room separately, giving each moving box a clear label with the contents and the room it goes in.
  • Each room should have all of the boxes kept together or separated into normal and fragile ones; the heavier boxes should be stacked from lowest to highest level.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to pack everything. Well in advance of the move, start packing superfluous items. Over time, packing is harder and more laborious. If you get tired contact us for packing.
  • When putting objects together and making the boxes, use heavy-duty tape.
  • Having marking pens on hand to label your boxes is really useful during the packing process. We recommended using rope.


Yes, you use your own packaging materials in addition to those provided by Shaheen Express. We would be pleased to offer you advice on quality packing.

After receiving your request, our Taskers may usually finish your project in a few days. It depends on your location and the workload of your service. Sometimes, it’s possible to get the task completed on the same day that you request it.

Our pricing for unpacking depends on your product size and complexity of unpacking. Call us to know our unpacking price.

Yes, our taskers have over many years of experience. When you use Shaheen Express Removals to locate unpacking services, You may get in touch with Taskers who are experts at unpacking and moving.

Yes, it depends on the Tasker that you select.  Some of our tasks have a  minimum work requirement, while others are content to finish even a modest task. Find the ideal solution to help you tackle that stack of boxes by browsing our review.

Yes, our packing service also packs fragile items and artwork with great care. So before booking your service provide all information about packing.

Definitely we provide!  When moving at the last minute, we offer a comprehensive packing and unpacking service. The easiest way to get in touch with us is to call phone at 07903 494502 or by email at


Malika Aliya
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Shaheen Express Movers always provides amazing service. We have used them for moving, home repairs, painting and many other things. The team is always prompt, they do excellent work and I am continuously pleased with the service!
Maqs Rafiq
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Shaheen Express movers are very highly recommended, the guys were amazing. Very professional and careful with all of our property. These guys were efficient, friendly and extremely fast paced. Nothing was too much trouble. Thankyou so much Shaheen. You did the quickest and most stress-free move I have ever had.
Asma Akhtar Mehdi
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Shaheen Express..Very reliable, pocket Friendly and Quality Service..
Parshu Kattel
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Shaheen express movers keep it up and you will achieve it allows. And we are proud of you and your company is very good works also very tak care to work I like this company good work and keep it up
Shammi Akhtar
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The best movers in the whole Abu Dhabi. Very friendly staff and also good value for money Very hardworking dudes. Recommend to all my friends and family. A 100/100 factory experience.

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